Capture new customers with their eyes wide open

Oogfoto op een beurs of zakelijk evenement Oogfotografie tijdens business event maakt een unieke giveaway

Whatever business you’re in, it’s often hard to approach new customers and leave a good impression. Turning that first contact into a positive experience is key to long-lasting customer relationships.

How about using that moment to give your customers a personalized gift, one that they’ll most likely show to many others?

With an OptoPhoto you treat them to a close-up picture of their own eye, accompanied by your logo or custom text. What’s more, you treat them and their friends to a totally new way of seeing themselves.

It’s always a hit on trade fairs, with audiences lining up to get their OptoPhoto taken. And it works a charm on company parties too… your colleagues will love seeing each other up-close, while avoiding the “awkward factor” 😉


During your event, there are several ways we can share these photos:

Instant Prints
We can take and hand out anything between 100 and 500 photos a day, sized
10x15cm, with 2 lines of custom copy, optionally as a sticker.

Online Gallery
As we take the photos we can share them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or
Twitter, generating instant traffic to your social media channels.

Interactive Art Installation
The iOpia Installation creates a safe space to look each other deep into the eyes and
see each other in a new light. At the end of this connective experience, OptoPhotos
are handed out to the participants.

Oogfoto op een beurs of zakelijk evenement Oogfotografie tijdens business event maakt een unieke giveaway


Using our self-made portable photo installation, an OptoPhoto can be captured and printed on the spot, within 1 minute. We print on high-gloss, long-lasting, scratch-free, untearable photo paper that never shows any fingerprints.

The result? A keepsake that many of your contacts will put on display in their home or office, with your logo or message on it. So whether you want to attract potential customers or to just charm your colleagues, catching their eye has never been easier.


Email us with any furthers questions or for a non-binding offer. We’ll respond quickly and are flexible with finding solutions for a variety of locations and situations.

So far, we’ve worked with the following companies and events:

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